Klutch - Commander Ancet Warden

Captain of the Saving Grace - Unflappable and cynical former Flight Commander in Imperial Navy, currently freelance Courier


Visage: white hair pulled into sever bun, black skin, missing eye (implant) with HUD glass for piloting, piercing gaze, utterly confident stance
Personality: Unflappable, ornery, quietly loyal, she puts on a hard front

Skills: Pilot Spacecraft 4

Equipment: Carries a highly ornate Commander’s Spike on her thigh – sign of office in Imperial Navy. Slug Pistol on her other hip.


Brief History: Born within the Imperial Reach Systems to a military family, Ancet became the youngest flight commander in her Naval Division. A disastrous relationship with a colleague and her injury left her somewhat bitter and cynical. She’s sarcastic, no-nonsense, and has an iron grit attitude mixed with highly capable command experience. She’s seen some shit and not afraid to dish it out. The “Saving Grace” is her personal; ship – sa decommissioned Imperial Scout with hugely augmented engines and secret weaponry. In recent years her maternal side has taken “Squeal” (Trik Treal) under her wing. She saved him and now he’s her navigator and
lifelong friend.

Klutch - Commander Ancet Warden

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